White Hawk Advocacy, LLC


"In these days, it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life
if he is denied the opportunity of an education."
~ Brown v. Board of Education ~
Welcome to White Hawk Advocacy!
Here at White Hawk we focus on special education advocacy, community integration initiatives, and disability rights.  We are dedicated to impacting change within our schools, community and government to ensure that a human being’s worth and subsequent rights are not limited or taken away due to the presence of a disability or diagnosis.

White Hawk is here to help individuals become stronger advocates for themselves, guide families through the process of advocating for their loved ones, mentor community members in the creation of more inclusive environments, and lobby our government to support disability rights.
Why Partner with an Advocate?

Ensure that access to opportunities are not diminished on the basis of discrimination.
Join a knowledgeable guide who will seek justice while you balance those requirements with the demands of daily life.
Strengthen your case by employing experience grounded in compassion and tenacity for changing the status quo.


Special Education

Community Inclusion

Advocacy requires preparation, strength, diligence, passion and intelligence.  In the course of advocating for disability rights, we are all essentially fighting for human equality.  It is frustrating and unsettling that advocacy is required to have a human being fully recognized as a human being, but someone has to stand up.  Someone has to fight.  Someone has to care enough to impact change. White Hawk exists because we answered that call.
All children deserve the right to go to school and receive a meaningful education.  And all children are capable of learning and demonstrating growth with the right accommodations.  Do not let another person or organization deny your child the right to be educated.  We see the potential in every child and are dedicated to removing the barriers that stand between the presence of a disability and access to a quality education.
We envision a world where all children are welcomed at school, camps, extracurricular activities and local businesses. We strive for a world where everyone has an opportunity for higher education, job skills training, substantive employment, and fair pay.  We can help individuals and businesses work together to ensure inclusive environments that allow us to strive for integration vice segregation. Together we can change the world.