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Welcome to Hawk Eyes!  This is our blog where we share real world stories and up to date information regarding disability rights.  We will be watching and reporting on our government, schools, and communities to ensure the protection of our special needs population.  Tune in for tips and knowledge related to advocacy efforts, information on how you can help, and personal stories that highlight our collective victories.


  1. 17 Jan, 2018
    Transforming How We Educate Children with Disabilities
    Recently I was presented with an opportunity to speak on how technology could be used to impact special education.  In this blog post, I share that presentation.  Most of it is educational for the audience - to inform them about why challenges exist in special education and lay the groundwork for the opportunity that exists to transform the system.  Share it far and wide.  We collectively hold the power to impact change.  Find the change makers and stand together.  We CAN do this. As human
  2. 16 Aug, 2017
    We Are All Humans
    What is a disability worth having?             It seems like an odd question to ask but one that must be asked to show the absurdity in our behavior and our culture.  Humanity has long treated those with disabilities as lesser members of society.  As recently as forty years ago, states across the U.S. institutionalized people with disabilities because it was widely believed that they should not be with the “rest” of society.  Today churches turn away children who use walkers or
  3. The Right to Feeding Therapy (Feeding Mini-Series: 2 of 6)
    31 Jul, 2017
    The Right to Feeding Therapy (Feeding Mini-Series: 2 of 6)
    In the first post of this mini-series, we introduced the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and explained the purpose of the law. The IDEA does not only apply to children in school.  It begins covering some children with disabilities from birth based on diagnosis and can apply through age 21.  The whole purpose of IDEA is to provide children with disabilities a free appropriate public education in preparation for further education, employment and independent living.  How can one LIVE
  4. The Fight for Feeding Therapy (Feeding Mini-Series: 1 of 6)
    24 Jul, 2017
    The Fight for Feeding Therapy (Feeding Mini-Series: 1 of 6)
    The Fight for Feeding Rights ​Many of you have followed our story since our son was denied Feeding Therapy by Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) in October of 2015.  Since then, we have received a lot of support and even more questions from parents in similar situations with their children.  We hope by writing this mini series it will help answer many of the questions we received and bring about the necessary changes at the local, state, and national level.   We realize that everyone who
  5. 01 Mar, 2017
    The Special Education Battle
    I woke up this morning and put my armor on.  I am weary and broken, but there is still a war to fight.  They have strength in numbers.  I have strength in tactics.  They have strength in resources.  I have strength in strategy.  They have strength in deception.  I have strength in truth.  By all means the odds are stacked against me, but what they don’t know is that I will never stop fighting.

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